Culinary Sales


Now, more than ever, meetings need to make a powerful impact. Whether presenting new food products in internal meetings or to buyers, having the right culinary inclusion and message makes a lasting impression. We are your culinary partner.

Overview of how we work:

  • Vision is identified, and key messaging and product use cases are created with the Client.

  • Supporting recipes are created to hit promotional targets, as needed. 

  • Sample kit logistics outlined with the Client for the full tasting experience, shipping as needed.

  • The culinary presentation can be live or virtual, depending on preferences.

  • Test run the presentation with all elements verified, along with meeting technology of choice.



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Media + content


On-point print/video content for presentations, meetings, publications.


Whether the goal is to develop message-forward content for a publication, event or meeting, or in search of a professional Chef to deliver key messages at an event or conference support can be found here. Please see below a list of services offered. If there is a specific vision in mind, please reach out.

  • Develop recipes, articles and videos for websites/ digital media, print media

  • Live stream product application demonstrations for meetings and events

  • Culinary demonstrations and/or presentations at media events and conferences, live and virtual offerings